About Us

Our Story

In 2005, after starting out as a partner in a very small local children's boutique, Tessie Happ, mother of two young daughters, began to realize that her partnership was more than just a business. The relationships that she built with her customers and their precious children lead to a passion that would last far longer than the clothes she was selling to them. As the business flourished, time quickly passed and the young girls that Tessie once played dress-up with, soon grew up and became beautiful young ladies. Tessie later sold the children's boutique and was going to more on from this chapter in her life, but her love for fashion and more importantly, for her customers was something that she could not seem to abandon easily. In 2010 Tessie opened her first "Fly Boutique" and about a year later, as business continue to grow, she expanded and added a Merle Norman to her exiting location. Now, three locations later, she is still doing what she loves. Fly is not only Tessie's business, but it is a family business and according to her, she wouldn't have it any other way. 


Her stores are staffed with some of the sweetest, most genuinely hard-working girls in the South. Even though each location has a different look, customers can expect the same trends, styles & warm friendly service that they have come accustomed to over the years.With her family and hard working staff by her side, Fly Boutique operates as one big happy family and she treats her customers like family, too.


At Fly, we strive to create a shopping atmosphere that feels as much like home as possible; and what better way to do this than to offer an online shopping experience that can take place from the comfort of your own home. When asked what the most rewarding part of her job is, Tessie says, "It's about making our customers feel great about the way they look.".  Whether you are looking for a complete wardrobe makeover or just a new trendy piece to add to your collection, our friendly staff at Fly Boutique is readily available to assist you in any way possible both in store, and now, online.


At Fly Boutique, we specialize in providing a timeless but trendy look that can take  you from childhood to adulthood and anywhere in between.